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Four Of Our Favorite
"Traffic Hacks"

A big problem that many online entrepreneurs face is driving consistent traffic to their content and offers online.

We get it… traffic is HARD and can be CONFUSING!!

We want to change that for you…

…And you and the rest of our community have spoken up!

We recently sent a survey to everyone to learn what you need the most help with when it came to traffic.

After over 200 responses, we realized that the need is a mix of free and (inexpensive) paid traffic strategies. Something for everyone.

Based off of your responses, we’ve highlighted FOUR of our most successful traffic strategies that helped us grow our podcast to 50,000+ listeners per month, grow our very engaged email list, promote all sorts of offers (including affiliate offers to the 7-figure level), and land speaking gigs on the world’s largest marketing and podcast event stages.

Traffic is the LIFEBLOOD of our business and these four specific strategies are the backbone of what we do.

These tactical traffic "hacks" will arm you with the knowledge, tools, and action steps you need to confidently run targeted traffic to your content and offers online.

The key here is CONFIDENCE. We know some people aren’t comfortable with paid traffic… and that’s OKAY! We have two very effective strategies for free traffic.

Some folks love the consistency and predictability of paid traffic, so we included two strategies around that, too.

Whatever your skillset, comfort level, or niche you’re in, you will understand some of the hottest and most current step-by-step traffic strategies you’ll find anywhere.

Inside these 4 "traffic hacks", we’ll dive into these strategies with over-the-shoulder videos and processes for you to follow…

On the free traffic side:

  • The Community Hijacking Strategy
    You’ll leverage other communities online and provide value in a unique way that gets attention and drives consistent traffic for YEARS. This only takes a few minutes, it’s a consistent method that brings very targeted people into your ecosystem.
  • The Influence Amplification Strategy
    We’ll show you how to locate, outreach, and present yourself in front of extremely relevant audiences, while also being propped up as an expert to the audience. This is THE most profitable marketing strategy we use and make on average $1k every single time we implement it.

On the paid traffic side:

  • The One-Sentence Ad Strategy
    We’ll cover a super simple ad type that doesn’t take fancy creatives, tons of time, or a high budget. Watch how we create a simple ad that drives extremely targeted people to an offer. This routinely generates clicks at $0.35 and less.
  • The Search-And-Recover Ad Strategy 
    This is our favorite and one that can be automated to bring in consistent leads and sales for your business. We show how to leverage people’s actions online and present them with very relevant content and offers. This is how you sell without looking salesy!

This traffic training package is PACKED with actionable strategies where you can watch us walk you through step-by-step.

And, it’s only $27 right now as you’re on this page.

We’ve VERY confident that you’ll make that investment back after barely trying just ONE of the strategies. And, of course, the sky’s the limit if you do a handful of these with some consistency.

You’ll get instant access to the four sessions right after you join. Simply click the button below on this page.

AND, to give you more actionable strategies around traffic (and tons of others topics), we’re throwing in a 30-day free trial to The Evergreen Profits Letter.

This is a newsletter that we send in the mail each month to hundreds of subscribers who happily pay $15/month to have new strategies to try in their business every month.

If you try just one of the strategies in the newsletter, you’ll definitely see this as a no-brainer. It’s like having Cliff’s Notes of the best strategies from us and our guests from on Hustle and Flowchart.

You’ll get 30-days to give the newsletter a try.

If you want to stick with us after 30 days, it’s just $15/month to get the physical newsletter sent to your home or office.

Most people say they look forward to the day the newsletter arrives and dedicate time to sit away from the computer to read and highlight strategies they’d like to try that month. It’s a ritual subscribers love and get BIG results from.

If you choose to not stick with us, simply let our support team know and we’ll make sure you don’t get billed. Easy peasy and we’ll appreciate you either way!

So that’s it for now…

For just $27 right now, you’ll get our most profitable and simple-to-follow traffic strategies (video walk throughs and processes) and a 30-day free trial to the popular Evergreen Profits Letter.

Make the choice now to ​become a complete traffic ninja and learn how to drive free and cheap qualified traffic to your offers.

... And you'll get new marketing strategies delivered to your door every single to keep on the razor's edge of what's working right now in the marketing world.

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