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Here Are Some Resources To Dive Deeper Down The Copywriting Rabbit-hole
Anik Singal - Purpose Drive Copywriting

We chat with Anik about how he’s created over a quarter of a billion dollars worth of business and how copywriting has changed over the years. He talks about how he has pivoted to create value in a way that really resonates with people. Anik shares his five-step process on how to create your story so that it leads to a natural progression into your pitch, without it coming off as sounding too salesy.

Sean Vosler – How To Sell Through The Power of Storytelling

Sean Vosler is the king of social media, and he’s got a beautiful book called 7 Figure Marketing Copy. In this discussion, Sean dives into copywriting philosophies and strategies. We also dive deep into how Sean managed to sell over 25,000 copies of his (absolutely beautiful) copywriting book.

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