Thank You! We're Excited To Chat With You!

Details About Our Conversation:

(We just sent you an email with these details and the link where we'll meet as well...)

We like to keep the calls right around an hour and will often chat a little before to prepare you for the episode. Please plan your schedule accordingly.

In order to better prepare you for the show, here are a few things that we like to discuss:

The show has been shifting towards a more narrow focus of topics. We prefer to talk about two core things: Growing an audience and monetizing an audience. Anything related to getting more attention through traffic strategies, social media, traditional media, outside the box mediums, etc. are amazing; as well as topics around affiliate marketing, sponsorships, memberships, and other unique ways to monetize the audience you've built.

Our audience consists of mostly affiliate marketers and influencers who want more reach. So keep that in mind with your topics.

The show typically flows like this:

  • Details about your journey and some of the struggles along the way. Ideally, this is a quick portion of the show to help our listeners get to know you. If we're going into a really in-depth topic, we may even skip this portion altogether.

  • Some sort of actionable, step-by-step tactic that our audience can implement. We'll often break these step-by-step strategies down into a "cheat sheet" that we make available for listeners so they can follow along and take action after listening to the episode.

  • Case studies around the tactic that you broke down. What kind of results have you or your clients seen using the method(s) discussed?

  • Favorite tools or resources related to the discussion. Are there tools or websites out there that make what you teach easier to implement? Are there things that can better improve your workflow? Share them. Our audience loves this stuff!

  • Where can people learn more from you? We'll end the show by giving you the floor to talk about your business and offer a call to action to the listeners. Joe and I will typically repeat this call to action during the intro of the show so that people will hear it at the front and back of the show.

We are a long-form / free-flowing podcast. We do not ask all guests the same things and we've been known to go down rabbit holes that we didn't anticipate going down. However, there are common themes and ideas we often touch on with everyone.

Our listeners come back for the tactical advice. We've been known as a very tactical, actionable show. The tactics that you teach will likely make up the majority of the episode. We want to showoff the wisdom that you are uniquely qualified to bring to our audience and give them a few ideas that, if they take action, they can see results.

All said and done, we want you to have a blast being on our show, we want our audience to know you a bit better and have some actionable takeaways, and Joe and I want to share your unique brilliance with the world. :)

We should have a couple minutes before we hit record to pre-discuss the recording.

Looking forward to the chat!

Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier 

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Do You Want Even More Exposure?

You can get in front of our paying customers... Here's how!

  • Create a tutorial video that provides value in your area of expertise.
  • Send us a Dropbox link to that video.
  • We'll add that video as a bonus inside our private members area (monthly subscription).
  • We'll link back out to your site or squeeze page.
  • You are presented as an expert to our customers.
  • We get to provide even more value than we're already offering!

Here are some great examples from past guests:

We're already going to get your amazing and valuable content in front of all of our podcast listeners. We'd love to take it even further and get you in front of our paying customers as well!

There are only 2 real rules for this:
1. Provide value - We want to be able to sell our customers on why they should watch.
2. No pitching - We're happy to link to a squeeze page or some sort of special offer from you but please don't use this video as a sales video. We want it to be seen as valuable content by our members.

Once you've got a video ready, email the Dropbox link to Matt ( We'll review it, add it to our members area, and email our customers about it being available.

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