Joe Fier (The Connector)

What do Malcolm Gladwell and Joe Fier have in common? They both define the ability to be a connector. You might know someone with the born talent to span many different worlds, subcultures, and niches. They might be lucky enough to have traits such as energy, insatiable curiosity, and a willingness to take chances.

Being the connector, Joe naturally claims the “hustle” title as co-host seat of the uber-popular Hustle and Flowchart podcast alongside longtime friend and business partner Matt Wolfe. The two complete each other with opposites attract chemistry resulting in an on-air style that’s comforting, conversational, and relatable.

At each crossroad of his career, Joe’s focus has been connecting the right message with the right audience. From raising money, creating communities, developing strategies to attract downloads and qualified eyeballs, or testing up-and-coming marketing, platforms, sub-markets, and systems, Joe’s positive influence pays off.

Short version
Joe Fier is an American entrepreneur, podcaster, investor, marketer, mastermind host, speaker and author. He is best known for his podcast, Hustle and Flowchart, co-hosted with Matt Wolfe. Fier began his career in business consulting and video sales in the San Diego area.

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Matt Wolfe (The Architect)

Hustle and Flowchart podcast co-host and serial entrepreneur Matt Wolfe is the IRL representation of a human algorithm. He’s the words and numbers guy of the Hustle and Flowchart empire. Easy going and laid back with a computer-like brain working behind the smile, Matt is famous for his step-by-step approach to solving a task, improving a workflow, and breaking down topics into brass tacks while interviewing guests.

Figuring out the “how” is his superpower and sharing it with the world is his natural-born talent. In a past life, Matt Wolfe was banking an easy $40k a month in passive income from a not so little affiliate called HostGator. Just one of his lucky strikes. Matt’s been optimizing affiliate marketing, list building, and conversion tracking long before it was cool.

Once a web designer and WordPress teacher turned high profile blogger and affiliate marketer, Matt’s intuitiveness to all things digital gives him instant access to figuring out the hidden gems of tools, platforms, and apps.

Short version
Matt Wolfe is an American entrepreneur, podcaster, blogger, affiliate marketer, mastermind host, speaker, and author. He is best known for his podcast, Hustle and Flowchart, co-hosted with Joe Fier. Wolfe began his career in building WordPress websites and blogging in the San Diego area.

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About Hustle & Flowchart

Meet Hustle and Flowchart, a media company and uber-popular podcast, YouTube channel and Facebook community with a cult-like following of entrepreneurs, digital marketers and business pros looking for actionable insights. The brand dishes out meaningful content, relevant topics, and transparent discussions led by co-hosts Matt Wolfe and Joe Fier.

More than 400 binge-worthy episodes deep, the podcast was started in 2017 with a mission to tap into the minds of legends, rising stars, and hidden gems of guests who are willing to share tactical and actionable takeaways.

Deep dive with marketing legends like Jay Abraham, Roland Frasier, Ryan Deiss, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Verne Harnish, Russell Brunson and many more.

If you are in charge of your company's marketing and brand message, you've got to try out an episode of the podcast or find our actionable insights on YouTube!

Overheard in the reviews
“I love how Matt and Joe search out what's REALLY working right now, then pull out that wisdom from each guest.”

“Conversations that cover a huge breadth of topics related to the ins and outs of building a thriving business, getting to the heart of being a business owner.”

“Matt and Joe are authentic and have no problem getting real with their audience.”

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Topics We Love Discussing

There are many topics that we love talking about and that we teach our existing clients. To be honest, our favorite conversations are about mindset, creating amazing relationships, focusing on having fun with your business, and enjoying the journey.

For those that love to get tactical, we’re happy to dive into any of these topics:

  • Podcast Growth Hacking - We test every conceivable idea to grow podcasts. We’re happy to share some of our “outside the box” experiments
  • The Affiliate Promotion Engine - How we use content marketing and unique funnels to promote affiliate products to the tune of 7-figures per year.
  • Invisible Podcast Funnels - Our unique system for creating little passive revenue streams with our podcast and internal or affiliate products
  • Podcast Newsletters - Our favorite monetization strategy is to create a physical newsletter around a podcast to generate recurring revenue
  • Podcast Guesting - This has been the single best way that we’ve used to grow our brand and reach - We’ve got systems to ensure we’re always on shows
  • The Perpetual Audience Growth System - Our unique system for combining multiple paid ad sources, SEO, and content marketing to generate reliable, quality traffic.

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