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The Podcast Playbook

Thanks for tuning in and listening to us on Hustle and Flowchart! I hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed chatting with you.

We put together a little "care package" for you with probably the most in-depth collection of tactics and strategies for creating, scaling, and making money from a podcast!

In this book, you'll get ideas from us AND all of the guests we've had on our show who discuss podcasting!

You Will Discover:

  • How To Scale A Podcast: Whenever we interview a guest who has a podcast, we ask them for their best tips on getting more listeners on the show. This book contains ALL of the responses.
  • How Make Money From A Podcast: The other question we love to ask our fellow podcasters is "how are they making money." You'll be shocked at some of the weird an unique ways people are monetizing their shows!
  • Getting A-List Guests: What to interview the "elite" in your industry, you'll get some practical roadmaps on how to connect with basically anyone.
  • Plus More Goodies: You'll learn how we monetize with newsletters, how to ask better questions, how to get sponsors, how to sponsor other shows, and much much more!

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