The Designs From This Tool Doubled The Opt-in Rates From The Forms On Our Blog!

(And it's insanely quick to setup)

Some Of Our Favorite Features Include:

Intelligent Visitor Targeting And Actions

Want someone to see one opt-in form or call to action when they land on your site the first time and a different one the second time? Maybe you want customers to see one opt-in offer and non-customers to see a different one? Simple! Use ConvertBox. You can also trigger forms based on UTM codes, time on site, the device they're on, their physical location, the referring site, and much much more!

Awesome Logic And User Segmentation

You can create forms with multiple questions and then send them to different landing pages or downloads based on their responses. You can also create simple little quizzes that will help you segment your audience once they're on your list. For example, a doctor can ask someone to select their ailment, and Convertbox can trigger and email sequence specific to that patient's problem. This is crazy powerful!

Trigger Opt-in Forms From A Button Click

Want to add opt-in links inside of blog posts but don't want the form to clutter up the website? Do what we do and add an opt-in form that's triggered by a click. It looks like any other link on your site but, when someone clicks on it, an opt-in box pops up and allows people to enter their email before going to the next page.

Overlay Opt-in Forms On Other People's Sites

Read a great article that you want to share on social media? Collect email addresses from people who read that article. It will appear as if your opt-in form is being overlaid on someone else's sites. You can replace tools like Sniply that charge a monthly fee for this single feature and get it all in a single tool for a one-time purchase!

Check Out What Others Are Saying:

ConvertBox can intelligently increase sales almost immediately. It pays for itself 100x over and gets my highest recommendation!

Josh Bartlett, Founder of Thrivecart

Thank you for creating a great tool! I've now ditched Sumo on all my sites and am loving Convertbox! It's much easier to use and manage , way better looking, and much more flexible!

Darryl J. Burling, Growth Counseling Institute

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And We'll Throw In:

ConvertBox Tutorials

It's our mission to make sure that you hit the ground running when you get into ConvertBox for the first time. So we're including tutorials around how we use ConvertBox in our business, including a step-by-step walkthrough of the exact opt-in forms that we used to more than double our opt-in rate from out blog.

Rapid Lead Magnet Creations

Once you have ConvertBox, you're going to need a Lead Magnet (or freebie) to collect leads with. In this tutorial series we walk you through how to create a lead magnet super quick that's going to blow your leads away. After all, what's the point of having ConvertBox if you don't have something to give away to collect emails?

Email Conversion Secrets

Once you've got the people on your list, you want them to actually respond to your emails. In this training series, we break down exactly how to ensure the highest responsiveness from your email list, including a little "secret sauce" that no one really talks about when it comes to email marketing.

The Best Traffic Strategies To Grow Your Site

Traffic is really what we've always been known for. We're some of the best in the world at driving highly-qualified traffic to offers. One of our flagship courses was on driving loads of traffic. In this training, we'll break down the methods that we used to ensure the best of the best leads are consistently flowing to our website.

Conversion Funnel Case Studies

Want to see some flows in action? We're sharing some case studies of exactly what's worked for us, including a really killer strategy where we essentially built an entire course using a simple survey (functionality that ConvertBox has). I'm still blown away that no one else teaches this or talks about it.

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