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The Affiliate Marketing Playbook

Thanks for tuning in and listening to us on Hustle and Flowchart! I hope you enjoyed listening as much as we enjoyed chatting with you.

We put together a little "care package" for you with probably the most in-depth collection of tactics and strategies for generating as much income as you'd like through affiliate marketing!

In this book, you'll get our entire playbook of every affiliate marketing strategy that we currently use or have experimented with in our business.

You Will Discover:

  • How To Use Social Media To Promote Affiliate Offers: Don't have a list or following of your own yet? We'll dive into how to leverage free social media traffic to promote offers.
  • Profitable Content Marketing: Want to leverage a blog or podcast to promote other people's offers? We'll break down our 3-phase content marketing affiliate method.
  • Paid Affiliate Marketing: Learn how to use advertising to promote offers as an affiliate in ethical ways that won't get you booted from the ad platforms.
  • Plus More Tactics & Tools: This is literally every affiliate marketing tactic that we use and/or have tested. There are some unique tools and strategies that we'll uncover for you that we guarantee no one else it talking about (yet).

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